With   various   server-side   plugins,   we   have   created   an ARK    shop    that    holds    a    comprehensive,    interesting    and helpful   selection   of   sets   and   items   for   you.   In   addition to   kibble,   we   also   have   starter   kits   or   drops   that   you   can   call for   points   to   travel   fast   without   obelisk   or   with   luck   to   find   a   good   loot   in   the   drop.   The   points   can   be   handled   like   a   currency   and   you can   also   sell   stuff   to   other   players   and   they   can   pay   you   for   it   with   points.   You   get   points   through   daily   server   voting   and   through   online time.   Another   way   to   get   points   does   not   currently   exist.   Due   to   the   fact   that   we   have   filled   the   ARK-Shop   very   well   ingame   does   not show everything but here we have a nice overview designed for you. In   addition   to   the   ARK-Shop,   we   have   also   added   various   other   specials   via   plugin   to   make   certain   things   easier   and   offer   an   even   better gaming experience to you. This ARK-Shop is only for the PANGEA Cluster !!
& Specials
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