The   entire   Server   Concept   is   a   relatively   complex   balanced   system   that   connects   PVE   and   PVP.   We   have   combined   a   total   of   7   maps into   a   large   cluster   and   our   setting   with   the   pleasant   control   system   ensures   that   PVP   and   PVE   can   harmonize.   No   one   has   to   lose   his main   base   here   and   can   still   play   PVP.   Every   Arkler   can   find   a   home   here.   We   attach   great   importance   to   a   NON-Toxic   community   and do not hesitate to remove troublemakers from this if it should be necessary.
Hardfacts Server Cluster PANGEA!   Long-term project without Wipes Only    soft    wipes    are    carried    out    if    required.    Hereby    we    give    the    players    the    possibility    in    a sufficient   time   window   to   move   their   belongings   to   a   new   server.   Assistance   is   provided   here   by all   values   are   screwed   extremely   high   for   a   short   time   ->   weight,   movement   speed   etc.   So   far   we wiped the cluster only once on community wishes. Increased server rates Even   ARK   fans   with   a   little   less   time   should   be   able   to   achieve   something,   especially   the   working people among us. Balanced Mods To   make   Vanilla   ARK   a   little   more   exciting,   we've   chosen   some   well-tested   mods   to   run   on   our cluster. These mods were partially still very much configured. PVP fun despite PVE If   you   would   like   to   experience   a   proper   PVP   fight   or   if   you   just   want   to   get   the   thrill   of   the   PVP, you   can   let   off   steam   on   our   two   PVP   Maps.   Here   it   is   even   worthwhile,   because   who   is   active   can get hold of one of the coveted outposts and pick up great loot. Interesting PVP Maps SE & Extinction In   order   to   make   Ark   even   more   exciting   and   to   increase   the   challenge,   we   raised   the   Dino   Level to   200   on   the   Scorched   Earth   and   Extinction.   These   maps   are   100%   PVP   mode.   Only   the   strongest base   will   survive!   As   a   special,   the   ARKeology   Event   is   active   on   these   maps   and   there   are   several Outposts for the Towerfights, which also have much higher Dropraten and Loot Qualli. Improved boss loot and loot quality The   overall   quality   of   the   lootdrops   has   been   increased   and   the   bosses   are   not   only   dropping more   items,   they   are   also   dropping   improved   TEK   stuff   like   armor,   saddles   and   weapons.   And with luck, TEK blueprints even improved in qualities to ascendant. Improved TEK aka. TEK+ We   have   set   up   that   TEK   also   protects   against   radioactivity   and   therefore   absolutely   essential   for aberration.   Incidentally,   a   full   suit,   just   like   the   hazard   suit,   also   protects   against   all   other   deadly environmental factors. Outpost Towerfights As   a   special   on   our   cluster   we   have   Outpost   Towerfights.   This   feature   is   a   small   terminal   that looks   like   a   terminal   of   a   forcefield.   These   terminals   can   be   recognized   from   afar   by   a   red   beam. As    a    player    you    can    claim    these    terminals    and    then    you    get    to    the    loot    that    this    terminal produces.   The   special   thing   about   the   surrounding   structures   is   to   be   claimed.   So   if   another   tribe has   the   terminal   built   in   and   you   raided   it,   but   there   are   still   structures   from   the   other   tribe   over, then   these   structures   will   belong   to   you   after   claiming.   It   is   worthwhile   to   leave   as   much   as possible in order to be able to use it again or simply to take it with you. READ THE RULES Before   you   start   to   play   make   sure   you   read   AND   understand   the   rules!   This   is   for   the   whole community very important. Thank you !!
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3 Outposts  on PVP Maps SE & Extinction
LVL. 200  for Dinos on PVP Maps SE & Extinction
5 Bases  Per Tribe max. 5 possible big bases