To   stay   up   to   date   you   should   join   our   Discord,   here   you   can   post   news,   you can   search   for   tribal   members   and   most   importantly...   You   can   also   reach   the support   directly   here   and   post   your   request   in   one   of   the   support   channels.   Do not   be   surprised,   the   first   time   you   join   our   discord,   you   do   not   see   that   much yet,    but    you'll    be    unlocked    shortly.    In    addition    to    Discord,    we    also    host Teamspeak.   This   is   also   platform   for   more   games   and   can   be   used   at   will.   The ARK   support   is   only   partially   accessible   here,   but   in   case   of   problems   you   can address     any     mod     or     admin     and     information     will     then     be     forwarded immediately. With a click you are there;) try it!
Welcome   to   our   universe   survivor.   Befor   you   went   on   a   trip   to   the   ARK,   you   should   familiarize   yourself   a   little   bit   with its   peculiarities   and   also   know   its   laws.   Currently   the   A.A   Army   connects   8    worlds   you   can   travel   with   each   other.   As soon   as   the   new   DLC   Extinction   is   released,   we   will   also   add   this   as   the   another   world.   We   have   PVP   and   PVE   for   you, doesn´t   matter   if   you   are   a   beginner   or   a   veteran.   Our   classsystem   in   the   PANGEA-Cluster    makes   it   possible   that also   the   small   ones   can   become   one   of   the   big   tribes   and   also   soloplayer   are   able   to   reach   alot   in   our   system.   Go   and discover our universe. Grow, tame the strongest creatures, build your stronghold and survive… For   fast   intensive   PVP   we   offer   the   NoMERCY-Cluster .   Here   you   have   easy   access   to   TEK   and   can   comfortably   farm with   x100   farming   rates.   For   a   simple   start   you   can   get   starter   kits   from   the   ARK   shop,   also   a   few   starter   dinosaurs are   available.   These   clusters   also   wiped   at   regular   intervals   of   2-3   months,   depending   on   the   player's   turnover.   The special   here   is   that   every   player   to   the   Wipe   20   Dinos   and   a   full   ARK-DATA   can   upload   to   items   to   take   this   to   the fresh server. So we also want to reward players for their loyalty. Have fun !! YourA.A.A.Team
… join the Adventure!
JOIN DISCORD*click me* JOIN DISCORD*click me* Currently there is no forum, but this is in progress, but it will take a while yet. Basically, we know about the "unpopularity" of forums and unfortunately they are usually not used at all. Nevertheless, we will build one to have a long-term information platform, which should also be a kind of archive information source for all of us. Over time, a Facebook group and a Steam community will probably be added to reach as many channels as possible. Good to know !
There are many ways to get help. The first way should lead you to Discord, where you can get rid of your concern in the support channel. If you do not have a discord or are unfamiliar with it, you also have the option to subscribe to our Steam-Support  Account. Just make him a friend request and have always in view when he is online. However, the processing can take much longer via this route. If this does not work you can also write an email to Please do not ping any users you know have administrative rights to personally. Always choose an official support channel. Thank you A.A.A.Team
If   you   wanna   join   the   servers   directly   from   the   website   your   ARK   must   be   closed.   When   u click   the   "JOIN"   buttons   your   ARK   should   open   automatically.   Before   you   try   to   join make    sure    that    you    have    downloaded    all    the    needed    mods    otherwise    you    will    have problems with joining the servers.
Pangea 8 Server Cluster 8 Server Cluster  Pangea PVP SERVER all x10 •	#stronger_dinos_225 •	#quetzal_spawn •	#giga_spawn •	#extremly_hot •	#hard_map PVP JOIN PVP SERVER all x10 •	#griffin_superspawn_200 •	#super_dense_jungle •	#beautiful_caves •	#buildable_obelisk •	#pvp_beginner_server PVP JOIN PVP SERVER all x10 •	#wyvern_in_caves_200 •	#carnivore_island •	#impressive_jungle •	#huge_cavesystems •	#easy_cavecrates PVP JOIN PVP SERVER all x10 •	#impressive_building_spots •	#resource_paradise •	#most_popular •	#beautiful_landscape •	#easy_desertcrates PVP JOIN PVP SERVER all x10 •	#stronger_dinos_225 •	#metal_drop_x15 •	#polymer_drop_x15 •	#insane_farmmap •	#hard_map PVP JOIN PVE SERVER Hx3 XPx3 Bx5 Tx5 •	#official_mod_map_project •	#huge_landmass •	#biggest_redwood_ever •	#aberration_coming_soon •	#hard_map PVE JOIN NEW PVE SERVER Hx3 XPx3 Bx5 Tx5 •	#crystal_wyvern_griffin •	#no_element_drop •	#steampunk_map •	#impressive_landscape •	#no_aberrant_dinos Extinction PVP NEW Servers live ! Die ersten 2 Wochen PVE Modus zum entdecken !! <3 JOIN PVE SERVER Hx3 XPx3 Bx5 Tx5 •	#impressive_building_spots •	#resource_paradise •	#most_popular •	#beautiful_landscape •	#easy_desertcrates PVE JOIN NoMercy Speed NoMercy Speed SPEED PVP all x100 •	#aberration_resources •	#aberration_dinos •	#most_popular •	#resource_hotspots •	#easy_desertcrates PVP SPEED NEW JOIN PVP SERVER all x10 •	#wyvern_in_caves •	#wyvern_on_lava •	#radioactiv_floating_island •	#aberration_dinos •	#aberration_resources PVP SPEED NEW

The Center

PVE SERVER Hx3 XPx3 Bx5 Tx5 •	#crystal_wyvern_griffin •	#no_element_drop •	#steampunk_map •	#impressive_landscape •	#no_aberrant_dinos Extinction PVP SPEED NEW Servers live ! JOIN

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