ALPHA ANONYMOUS ARMY §§ Rules - Framework - Laws §§
The rules apply to all platforms, servers, forums and community groups provided by us. Instructions given by the admis have to be followed to the letter. Violators   of the rules are   severely punished without   any   discussion. People   who can’t control   themselves and   break   the   rules   are   kicked/muted   and   can   be permanently banned in severe cases. Our rules include the official rules of ARK: Survival Evolved. The Code of Conduct  or CoC  and rules can be found here ARK: Survival Evolved CoC   ! Basic priciple: Don’t do something to another, if you don’t want it to happen to you! § 1. Basic Rules - Basic Framework § 1.1. Social Behavior Certain behavior is in our communication striktly prohibited: n ity strictly prohibited. These include the following things: Every kind of insult. Spreading untrue accusations. Sexist, radical, political or religious statements. Recurring, malicious attacks. Bullying orally as written. Defamation, spreading falsehood and undermining our community. § 1.2. Steam, Player, Tribe and Dinonames They may: Not violate any rules or laws. Not be offensive. Not imitate any other player in the Cluster, with the purpose of creating problems in the name of another. Not violate the trademark right. § 1.3. Textchat/ Voicechat Refers to any voice, text or game chat, and other A.A.A. related platforms, forums, or communities! When talking in global, use either the German or English language. No spam and no flame in global chat. Discussions can be held in the local chat, private discord or TeamSpeak  and may not violate any other rules. Any kind of third-party advertising is prohibited. Game Rules for the 7 Maps Cluster PANGEA !!! § 2. Tribe & Alliances § 2.1. Tribe A tribe may not have more than 10  members, this refers to the entire cluster. The tribe name has to be equal on ALL  maps. (*) In   a   tribe,   everyone   is always   responsible   for   what   an   individual   does.   If   individual players   violate   the   rules, this   will   also   have   consequences for   the entire tribe. That doesn´t mean that you can shout on the whole tribe. When you have problems you should talk with the specific person first in every case. A tribe may not extort other tribes or players by demanding benefits of any sort. §2.2. Alliance Alliances are limited to 5 on PVE servers . Alliances are deactivated on PVP servers. You are there for PVP and not for making friends! (activ) §3. Buildings, Structures & Dinos Basic priciple: Keep the Maps clean and attractiv for other players! Violations of building rules will lead to a deletion of all structures of a tribe in serious cases. --> Per Tribe are max. 3 Mainbases on PVE allowed ! (*) This means on all PVE maps together and not 3 for every single map !! (*) --> On PVP are max. 2 Mainbases allowed ! (activ) This means on all PVP maps together and not 2 for every single map!! (activ) --> Base Outposts have a limitation of 4 per map (activ) §3.1. Mainbase, Base Outposts & other Structures Mainbase The definition Mainbase does not refer to a single building, but rather to the "main site" of a tribe. A   mainbase   must   also   fulfill   a   mainbase   character.   It   must   be   used   to   capacity   and   be   expanded   accordingly.   A   base   consisting   only   of   foundations   and   a crafting area does not fall under the definition of a mainbase. (*) With   the   general   regulation   we   want   to   achieve   that   not   unnecessary   building   spots   are   occupied,   if   they   are   not   used   accordingly.   If   you   do   not   intend   to exploit   a   big   base   spot   anyway,   then   do   not   take   a   first.   Of   course   it   is   allowed   to   start   small,   but   if   after   4   weeks   at   the   latest   it   is   not   clear   that   this   is   a mainbase, then we will warn such spots in the future and possibly even clear them. (activ) On a Mainbase a Safe Base Forcefield  must be placed. This should only be as big as necessary and not obstruct unnecessary land to other players. (inactiv after 01.12.2019)   Base Outposts Not   bigger   than   12x12x12   or   one   cliffplatform,    this   also   includes   a   possible   shield.   The   shild   must   not   exceed   the   diameter   of   12   foundations   or   a   cliff platform. (*) Blocking caves with base outposts is not allowed. Exceptions are very small caves, which do not exceed the size of 12x12x12 in one diameter. (*) Base Outposts may not be built on alphaspots or large building spots. Other Structures Unnecessary structures must be removed immediately (taming-spikes, campfires, unused boats or abandoned bases). Tamingcages or cages for wyverns can stay but they must be unclosed  that other people can use them aswell. Claiming building spots is permitted if the construction of the base is started there within 48 hours . The moving of a base should not take longer than a week. After that dinos and structures can be removed by an admin. The pure blocking of building spots is prohibited. Other Structures on PVP SE & Extinction  (activ) The use of fence foundations and fence support foundations is not allowed on PVP SE & Extinction. TOO MUCH UNDERMESH !! The use of the S + Forcefield is not allowed on PVP SE & Extinction. PICK UP ABUSE !! (activ after 18.11.2019) The   blocking   of   entire   areas   /   biomes   /   cave   entrances   /   bosses   or   the   arbitrary   placing   of   turrets   or   turrettowers   without   any   range   reference   to   a   base   is not permitted. Focus on your base !! Safe Base Forcefield - SBF   (inactiv after 01.12.2019) PVE will be fully activated! Too many players fly in turrets! Per tribe and map are 4  shields allowed. The   shield   should   not   be   bigger   than   needed   to   prevent   ways   or   other   areas.   Especially   for   cave   entrances   its   enough   when   it   has   the   sice   of   the   actuall entrance. If you don´t care about this, the shield will propably be removed without warning. SBF signs are removed on inquire from inactive bases unless there is a separate absence notification from the team. But at the earliest after 2 weeks! Forward Operation Base - FOB FOBs must be instantly and completly removed after a raid. §3.2. Dinos Dinos   should   be   in   the   base   and   not   be   anywhere   on   the   map,   e.g.   Do   not   park   Bossdinos   anywhere   near   the   Obelisk,   and   aggressive   Dinos   should   not walk   around   without   supervision.   Such   dinosaurs   can   run   out   of   bases   when   they   are   re-rendered,   and   so   on.   killing   other   dinosaurs   that   someone wanted to tame. Allowed are small farms with Doedies and Beavers on neutral. (*) Base   Outposts   should   not   be   used   as   dinosaur   storage.   Farmdinos   are   ok,   little   dinosaurs   aswell   but   do   not   outsource   any   big   dinosaurs   there   like   tons of brontos, rexes, gigas etc ... §3.3. Caves/Artefacts/LootCrates Access to artefacts or caves with loot crates on PVE Maps must be freely accessible. Caves on SE can be closed by building inside. Artifacts are available in Drops and on Valguero. (*) Caves on Extinction must not be blocked because of the Bossterminals. Access must be possible without prejudice. (*) Blocking the aberration surface entrances is not allowed. The placement of spawnboxes with transmitters near by artifacts is permitted. The placement of spawnboxes with transmitters near by loot-crates or drop-spawns is prohibited. (e.g. desert-lootcrates) §3.4. Spawnblocking/ Obeliskblocking Blocking and building on playerspawns is prohibited. No resources spawns may be blocked / built on e.g. mountains or rich deposits in general. Exceptions are the obelisks that can be built. Free access to rich resources spawns (mainly metal) must be guaranteed. Every tribe is allowed to claim 1  oil-vein and close it up against thiefs. The Islands blue obelisk is allowed to be closed and build on. This Obelisk counts as an „Exceptional Obelisk“ . Center red obelisk is allowed to be closed and build on. This Obelisk counts as an „Exceptional Obelisk“ . Obelisk   and   the   closer   area   around   are   generally   not   permanently   blocked,   either   by   structures   or   dinosaurs.   They   must   be   kept   free   and   usable   for   boss fights   and   transportation   between   server.   Dinosaurs   or   structures   blocking   the   Obelisks   will   be   removed   without   warning.   Excluded   from   this   rule   are   the „Exceptional Obelisks“. Boss   spawns   on   Extinction   and   OSD   Drops   must   not   be   blocked.   The   boss   fight   must   be   possible   for   everyone   and   must   not   be   hindered   by   turrets nearby. If there is a potential risk that turrets could pose a threat they must be in a shield so they do not shoot. (activ) §3.5. Undermeshing/Bugusing Undermeshing or deliberate building under the map, with the purpose of hiding structures or protecting them from damage, is prohibited. Undermeshing of a base results in an immediate deletion of all tribal structures. In severe cases, a perma ban can also be imposed. Basic priciple: Structures should always look far enough out of the mesh so that the options menu is accessible. §4. PVP Rules §4.1. PVE Servers:   (inactiv after 01.12.2019) PVE will be fully activated! Too many players fly in turrets! On   the   five   maps   of   Island,   Ragnarok,   Aberration,   Center,   Valguero   PVP   is   only   allowed   to   take   an   Outpost    or   raid   a   "Free   To   Loot"   base.   Otherwise, no PVP is allowed on these maps. Any PVP action against this rule ends with a Perma Ban. Outpost  in this case means a speacial loot producing terminal wich is only once on these maps (except for Aberration). "Free To Loot" bases are always announced in Discord. §4.1. PVP Behavior: On the two maps Scorched Earth and Extinction 24/7 PVP Base Raiding  is allowed without restriction. (*) Open   PVP   on   the   two   cards   Scorched   Earth   and   Extinction   is   only   allowed   in   relation   to   a   running   raid   and   only   against   the   currently   opposing   tribe. Should   one   be   attacked   against   the   rule   nevertheless   one   may   defend   oneself   naturally.   Players   who   do   not   abide   by   the   rules   are   excluded   from   PVP. (activ) Outposts   are   part   of   an   active   PVP   meta   designed   to   give   players   an   attractive,   claimable   and   raidable   target.   These   outposts   may   not   be   actively   gifted   or sold. If you want to get rid of one then dismantle your defense and leave it open. (activ) (activ after 18.11.2019) The targeted hunting and killing of players who behave peacefully and the shooting or killing of Tames is not permitted. We do not want bounty hunters, and no players who simply enjoy terrorizing others. We do not want power and behavior like "This is my server!" We also do not want you to make fun of the just killed players in the chat. Congratz you killed someone! Be proud in silence! We want to see fair raid battles around bases or outposts WITHOUT Drama / Flame and stupid discussions! ->   Offline   raiding   is   not   forbidden   but   who   is   raiding   like   this   again   and   again   usually   makes   no   friends.   Offline   Raiders   are   nowhere   welcome.   This   is   just   a   hint   based   on   previous community experiences we as admins will not value online or offline raids !! Players   who   abuse   improper   behavior,   taunt,   make   fun   of   others,   or   who   can   not   tolerate   PVP   themselves   are   excluded   from   PVP   and   blocked   on   the   PVP servers.   Unfortunately,   there   are   always   verbal   arguments   or   simply   unsporting   behavior   and   unnecessary   discussions,   which   causes   other   players unnecessarily   lose   the   fun.   No   one   has   something   against   a   joke,   but   make   sure   its   a   joke   for   both   sides!   Some   may   not   feel   this   as   a   full   PVP   setting,   but then   it   is   like   it   is.   Whoever   slaughters,   plunders   and   just   enrich   themselves   personally   without   regard   to   losses   and   wants   to   behave   like   a   Phiomia,   can play on an official servers or on another server ... what ever ... the selection is big enough !! §4.3. Admin Structures & Dinos: Name of the admin tribe: A.A.A or Tribe von Admin Structures of the admin tribe may not be destroyed. Dinos of the admin tribe may not be killed or abducted. (*) = Was always like this but was again formulated in detail to rule out any misunderstanding as possible! Violations   of   the   rules   are   severely   punished   without   any   discussion.   People   who   can   not   control   themselves   and   knowingly revert to this set of rules are kicked / mocked without comment and permanently banned in severe cases. Ignorance   does   not   protect   one   from   punishment.   We   have   gone   to   great   lengths   to   give   you   as   accurate   a   description   as   we   imagine   the game on our servers. Please stick to it, then everyone has fun !!