THE DEVTEAM Evolanca - Map Owner, Concept, WM Landscape, Leveldesign and much more… OssiRagnaroek - Leveldesign, Landscaping,  Optimisations, Bugfixes and much more… Ladrienn - Imports, Testing, CommunityModeration, Shoulder for crying
„   ...   after   the   survivors   defeatet   the   earthdestroying   kaiju   the   arks   started   returning   back   to   earth and   brought   life   back   aswell.   The   dead   landscape   turned   back   to   life,   everything   started   becoming green   again   and   also   animals   conquered   areas   back.   Tiamat   was   one   of   the   biggest   and   most important   rescue   missions   bcause   the   gigantic   waterark   carried   the   most   important   and   powerfull resource   on   earth   away.   We   all   know   already   what   element   is   and   we   discovered   good   and   bad element   and   also   the   diffrent   faces   of   element   but   where   does   it   come   from   originally   ???   The   heart of   TIAMAT   is   the   origin   of   element   in   its   purest   and   cleanest   consistence.   A   ancient   civilisation   once discovered   the   power   of   the   blue   looking   crystals   and   startet   using   it.   Project   TIAMAT   is   not   only   a ark,   it   was   also   a   mission   to   rescue   one   of   the   most   important   historical   legacys   on   earth   and   the key to activate the restoration process on planet earth ! „
Size: Mix between TheIsland and Ragnarok ca. 65m²/km Theme: Water-Ark who returned back to planet earth Climate: Medium to super cold Special: Waterareas getting alot of love !! Already known Bioms - Central Island (Land) Starterzone! - Coral Reef (Water)  NEW - Challenger Trench (Water)  NEW - Challenger Caverns (Water)  NEW - Pillar Islands (Water)  NEW - Sequoia Forest (Land) NEW - The Golden Belt of Atlas (Land) NEW - Atlas Mountains   (Land) NEW - Grasslands (Land) NEW - Swampy Moor (Water/Land) - Central Island (Land/Water) - Chalk Hills (Land) - Deathzone (doesn‘t matter u will be dead soon)
FAQ Will all DLCs be included on the map? YES,    but    not    everything    completely.    Selected    content    from    all    DLCs    is    used.    That    also    affects creatures.   It   may   be   that   some   creatures   will   not   exist   because   they   are   not   thematically   fit   into   the environment. How much water will there actually be? More   than   enough.   The   map   will   be   about   50/50   water   and   land,   so   at   least   what   you   see   from   above. A far-reaching cave system will be located under the land, which is about 20% more water. Will there be new creatures? No,   for   now   we   will   not   be   developing   any   extra   creatures.   The   specified   production   time   refers   only to the map. Everything else would slow the development of the map. Will there be new engrams or resources? At Engramen, we're not sure yet, but new resources are almost certain! When can I play the map? End of 2019, the first playable version will be published. When is the map finished? We are planning to finish in late 2020. Will the map be available on console? No.   This   is   a   mod   map.   But   it   is   conceivable   that,   if   it   reaches   the   appropriate   quality,   it   is   quite   taken over   in   the   official   game.   A   corresponding   fan   base   is   also   of   great   importance,   because   Wildcard wants to know of course if people like the map.
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Very first conceptart and official logo of Tiamat by ©Evolanca and the A by ©StudioWildcard 
Element Cristal