Official Mod Contest Winner 2018
The DevTeam Buttman  - Map Owner, WM Landscape, Leveldesign, Blueprinting, Optimisations, Bugfixes Nekatus - Leveldesign, Optimisations, Bugfixes, CommunityManagement Trappel - Leveldesign for the Aberration Part Evolanca - Hosting Testserver, Website Portfolio, Texturing, Minimap
2  komplett neue Biome   „White Cliffs“   und    „Velvet Tundra“ Die erste Karte die mit einem Riesen Gebirge umrundet ist. Riesen Landfläche mit mehr Land als Wasser. Sie fühlt sich riesig an ! Neue Wettereffekte inklusive regenbogen und Polarlichtern
Thank you to all the People who supportet us !! Valguero has a great community <3 Special Thanks to MaveOfficial for the awsome trailer you made for the map! Special thanks to all the Streamers, Youtubers and Twitchers to share Valguero with your community !!
Official DLC MAP June 18th 2019
Screenshot by ©StudioWildcard 
This is the original portfolio of the original Dev-Team. Here we wanna take the place to say again thank you to everyone.   Thank you to the great community ! Thank you to all supporters of the project ! Thank you to Studio Wildcard for choosing our project to become the next free DLC Map !   Special thank to Studio Wildcard for helping with the finalization of the map ! Even when a few things are missing in the final version we still hope you enjoy this creation. It is absolutly normal that a official map cant be exactly like the mod-version. That is the compromise of becoming official and be also available for console soon. The intention of keeping i.e. specific creatures on specific maps or even dlc maps is asolutly normal. There will never be a official map with all content available. Making paid DLCs interesting and keeping them interesting keeps our beloved game alive my survivors <3  We are already really lucky that we are allowed to use all content freely in mods and bring them this way to you !! But from the bottom of my heart i recomend buying a season pass for everyone because all the Studio Wildcard people also want something to eat or sponsor even more brilliant modders to create even more fantastic content FOR YOU !! Happy ARKlife little Survivor and enjoy your trip !! your Valguero-Team